NeverWet is a super hydrophobic coating that you can get at the hardware store. It is applied to a surface by spraying several coats of 2 different aerosol cans.

If you mask off sections of the surface before coating you can get interesting results…

2013-11-25 16.49.26

Seriously, this stuff is at least 10% magic.

I had the thought that coating something light like a ping-pong ball would create a spectacular effect where the ball seemed to levitate on the surface of the water. So here are the results…

The ball on the right has NeverWet on it. It is slightly higher - but not much.

The ball on the right has NeverWet on it. It is slightly higher – but not by much.

Oh well.

I am currently certain that a ping pong ball covered in NeverWet will be ejected higher when it is released from the bottom of a container of water. I am guessing that the lack of surface tension will not slow the ascent as much as it would on a normal ball.

When I get to that experiment, I’m sure it will be amazing.



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Fetching data

I’ve been trying to hone my programming skills a little and became fascinated with the idea of APIs.  That is, sending a request to a remote server or database and receiving back a big stack of data that you can parse and do interesting things with.

Since I had a domain name that I’ve been sitting on for the last 7 years it seemed like a good time to try to implement an API call online and display the results.

I have lots to learn/add/improve still but if you visit:

entering a search term will request info from ebay’s database for your keywords and return the (most-watched, US only, links included ) results which are then arrayed onto the page.

The results are also affiliate-linked so if purchases are made I would then proceed to rake in mad pennies.  If you’re in the market for a fleet of ebay yachts then please do visit the site.




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