Chain Siphon

After viewing a YouTube video showing a beaded chain flying out of a container, I went to amazon and got my own. It was far more entertaining than I expected….

The trick to getting it to siphon out of the container cleanly is to carefully load it up with each new ‘link’ resting on top of one that is already in the container. If you shake the container or put it in too fast it will either not come out at all, or throw large pieces of the chain out with it (that is what happened half way through on the video)

Bonus points awarded for spotting a duck, a swan, and the Virgin Mary!

Here is a drop from about 22 feet…

Taking it one step further and adding water to the glass…

Other Random Runs…



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Fetching data

I’ve been trying to hone my programming skills a little and became fascinated with the idea of APIs.  That is, sending a request to a remote server or database and receiving back a big stack of data that you can parse and do interesting things with.

Since I had a domain name that I’ve been sitting on for the last 7 years it seemed like a good time to try to implement an API call online and display the results.

I have lots to learn/add/improve still but if you visit:


entering a search term will request info from ebay’s database for your keywords and return the (most-watched, US only, links included ) results which are then arrayed onto the page.

The results are also affiliate-linked so if purchases are made I would then proceed to rake in mad pennies.  If you’re in the market for a fleet of ebay yachts then please do visit the site.




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