Gumdrop Lamp

Gumdrop Lamp

I picked up a simple 3 Watt color changing LED light bulb for about $6 online. This thing is amazing for the price!
Color Changing LED
Actually, as a light bulb, it is awful! It is not very bright and the RGB LED they use in them is not frosted so when you set it to “white” you end up seeing 3 different colored spots on your ceiling. (That is probably why they are so cheep.) 
Being that I am only interested in harvesting their innards, they are a great bargain.

If you take it apart and remove the 120 VAC to 5 VDC converter, you have a simple remote controlled color-changing… anything!


For my first project with this thing, I decided I wanted to make a lamp:

Not very impressive when it is turned off.

Not very impressive when it is turned off.

It has 30 strands of  0.1mm fiber-optic filament with 3-D printed translucent “bulbs” on the ends.  In order to get the fiber optics to stay straight, I printed out 4 disks with a hole for each filament. They screwed onto the threaded post and kept everything aligned.
Aligning the filaments
I printed out a little dome shaped piece for the top that the post screwed into and turned the filaments in the directions they needed to go.
Top Piece
2014-02-04 15.58.31
The base of the lamp is a simple chunk of 2″ x 8″ pine that has been sanded down and stained. I added a little flange to the top that helps hold the infrared receiver so you can change the color or turn it on and off from across the room.
In order to get everything into the base, I drilled out some chunks and glued it all in there. Here is what it looks like from the bottom.
It now serves as a night light in my room…
Gumdrop Lamp - Orange
Gumdrop Lamp - Blue
Gumdrop Lamp - Red

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I’ve been trying to hone my programming skills a little and became fascinated with the idea of APIs.  That is, sending a request to a remote server or database and receiving back a big stack of data that you can parse and do interesting things with.

Since I had a domain name that I’ve been sitting on for the last 7 years it seemed like a good time to try to implement an API call online and display the results.

I have lots to learn/add/improve still but if you visit:

entering a search term will request info from ebay’s database for your keywords and return the (most-watched, US only, links included ) results which are then arrayed onto the page.

The results are also affiliate-linked so if purchases are made I would then proceed to rake in mad pennies.  If you’re in the market for a fleet of ebay yachts then please do visit the site.




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