learn your tools

Do you have a burning desire to make something…anything? and to make it NOW? want to draw things, cut things, screw them together, add power to light them up and stand back and say WOW? or not…and try again?

This is how people who are good at anything become good…by putting their wrenches and computers and their soldering irons where their mouths are…and PLAYING! Some people call it work. But ever notice how “playing” is the best way to learn your tools?

tiger cubs    

In an increasingly complex world, lack of experience with your tools can leave you feeling a little unaccomplished. It can take years of schooling and even years in a career to finally have access to the resources it takes to test your ideas, to make a difference, to make something.

You need tools and space to …play! (safely of course) Not that books and teachers are bad… but I am saying that science, math, physics, engineering, electronics, etc are infinitely more relevant and interesting if you can experience the subject you’re working with in a hands-on way. But where can you go if you want to build something?


Instead of just watching youtube videos of what others are doing, come to Buildlabalpha and learn your tools, make something, and start leading the way in innovation and creativity. fab lab, hackerspace, makerspace, or good ol’ workshop, the idea is the same: give people tools, a place to work, internet access and open source software and watch for great work.

I’m an engineer, a scientist, an amateur builder, and have always wanted a place to play… and I hope that others will bring great attitude, hard work, and hyper resourcefulness into the lab to join the buildlabalpha team.  


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